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Trotter Onewheel electric off-road surfboard / skateboard: 211 Wh blue version


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  • A powerful and silent 700w brushless hub motor inside the wheel cruises up to 12.5 mph while going up or down steep 20° grades, while on or off-road.
  • Premium 211Wh 4.4AH Samsung-made lithium battery powers the drive and awesome LED lights so you’ll be out of juice before the TROTTER ever will. For the ultimate in Lithium battery safety, the TROTTER Samsung battery is fully enclosed within an aluminum 6-sided chamber that’s double-walled & welded, and housed inside the rear deck. Side-tilt safely override stops motor when tipping angle exceeds >45°.
  • Huge and resilient go-kart rubber tire allows jumping from a height and cushions off-road driving Trotter OneWheel is equipped with white front & red rear LEDs. Driving through pools of water or during rain is no problem.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

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